sven's sleeve
Are you looking for the prefect ice hole cover for your ice fishing shack, but still haven’t been successful? Are you worried about losing your valuables down the ice hole and tired of the the homemade solutions that do really work?  We were too, which is why we created Sven’s Sleeve Ice Hole Sleeve and Cover systems!
If you’re looking for the perfect solution to your ice fishing frustrations, visit our online store today and Shop for the hottest ice hole sleeve on the market!
We are excited to set ourselves apart from the competion with a revolutionary patent pending product that is superior to other products on the market. We are ready to answer your questions about our products! Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page to find out how we compare to other brands.
Add something exciting to your ice fishing accessories! Check out the Sven’s Sleeve Glow Sleeve, which will help illuminate your ice shack after dark. The Sven Sleeve Glow Sleve will be one 2020’s most popular ice house accessories! Get your for your fish house today!
Coming Fall 2020! Be sure to check out our Wheelhouse Model from Sven’s Sleeve!
Be sure to Contact Us with your questions or comments! We love to hear from our customers!
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