wheelhouse sleeve

The first and only true flush mount sleeve and cover system available to the wheelhouse market and offers the following features:

  • Glow or Black Sleeve
    • Our sleeves offer the tightest fit in your floor ring.  Our wheelhouse sleeve is the only one that universally fits Catch Cover and Fish Hole Buddy floor rings.  Fish Hole Buddy accessory clips are required if you have Fish Hole Buddy floor rings to make them fit tighter.  NO MORE buying new sleeve’s because you switch to a different manufacturer from your current one if the required sleeve height is the same.
    • Made of high density plastic.
  • Clear Cover (Not Sold Separately)
    • Our cover is the thickest and most durable in the market, and has been tested up to 700 pounds of pressure without breaking or slipping out of the sleeve.  You will notice very little flex or movement when you step on them.
    • Our cover is the only one that offers multiple ports of entry for your electronics so you can separate the cords from your fishing line.
    • Our cover is fully recessed in the sleeve and is fully supported by the bottom and sides of the sleeve to insure there is no movement of our cover while in the sleeve.
    • Made of Lexan and has rounded edges so you don’t have to worry about an abrasive edge that could weaken your fishing line.

For those times when you don’t block the house, we recommend that our sleeves be cut to frame height by dropping your house to the ground and measuring to the top of the floor ring lip for proper measurement. Check out our vides at  on how to measure and cut your sleeves, prep your holes, and use our products with other ice fishing accessories.

With our products you can feel more comfortable knowing that you can walk and stand freely throughout your house, and not be concerned about inadvertently stepping in or losing anything of value down your hole.  The following video compares the various sleeve and cover combinations available in the market.  We hope after seeing this you will see that you are purchasing the best sleeve and cover combination in the market when you purchase Sven’s Sleeve.