This model is for use when fishing directly on the ice in a portable or skid house.  It can also be used when fishing out on the open ice.

What makes Sven’s Sleeve® a superior direct on ice product?

  1. Our direct on the ice model is the only product available that allows you to view your hole while securing it at the same time.
  2. Sleeve fully encompasses (360 degrees) the cover on the sides and bottom.
    • Won’t kick or slip cover out of the sleeve/hole
  3. Our cover also allows you to protect the hole from the elements by protecting it from the wind and cold, allowing you to keep your hole ice free even longer.
  4. Control daylight going down your hole by having a clear or smoke option based on light conditions you prefer.
  5. Protects your dead-sticks from going down the hole when you get a bite and are jigging with other rods. This is one of the most common benefits we have heard from our customers.
  6. Universally fits almost all hole sizes created by any 8” – 10” Auger.
  7. Attach accessories such as a rattle real for someone looking for an alternative to tip ups.
  8. Multiple points of entry for any electronics or accessories that share the hole with your fishing line to prevent tangling.
  9. Protects your electronics and accessories.
    • Creates a platform for you to set your camera on if you drill a separate hole for your electronics.