Spool Straps

Spool Straps were designed to offer the highest quality storage option with the purpose of securing and protecting your tackle and gear on your tip-ups and rattle reels better than other remedies.   Each material in the strap helps to create the most durable strap in the market that not only allows you to secure your tackle but to be used in many other ways in your home and or office.

What sets Spool Straps apart from other similar products:

  • It’s not your standard Velcro so it will still be able to be secured together if dirt or snow gets on your Spool Strap.
  • Durable Lightweight Webbing that will not tear or stretch.
  • Made in Minnesota

With various sizes available, Spool Straps can be used to secure your tackle on your tip-up and/or rattle reel (including but not limited to Ultimate Outdoors, Northern Lights, and Catch Cover).  We offer the following sizes:

  • Tip Up Spool Strap
  • 1″ Wide Short Rattle Reel Spool Strap
  • Ultimate Outdoors Rattle Reel
  • 1″ Long Rattle Reel Strap
    • Catch Cover Rattle Snake Reel
    • Fish Hole Buddy/Ice Products Rattle Reel
    • Most HT Enterprises Rattle Reels
    • 3D Printing of the North Rattle Reels
    • Lakco Rattle Reel
    • Clam Rattle Reel
    • Fish Alert Rattle Reel
    • Quick Clamp Rattle Reel
    • Lindell Rattle Reel 
  •  2″ Wide Rattle Reel Strap
    • Northern Lights Rattle Reels
    • Productive Alternatives Rattle Reel
    • Lewandowski Rattle Reel