Wheelhouse Model – Sleeve & Clear Cover


Includes 1 Sleeve (Black or Glow) and 1 Clear Cover

If you have Fish Hole Buddy Floor Rings/Permanent Covers (T-Handle), which are most commonly found in Ice Castle Wheelhouses, you will also need to purchase our Fish Hole Buddy Accessory Clips. Clips are sold in sets of 4, with one set recommended for each sleeve.

Fish Hole Buddy Clips – $3.99

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To charge the glow just put it out in the sun at the beginning of the season for a few hours.  After that the natural light from in your wheelhouse or your hole lights will charge them.  Want a better glow, charge it with a UV flashlight/ hole light!! The only true flush sleeve and cover system for your wheelhouse or permanent shack. The sleeve works universally with Catch Cover (D-Handle) and Fish Hole Buddy (T-Handle) and includes one clear cover.  No more worrying about buying the wrong sleeve and/or or covers for your wheelhouse again.

Our true flush cover eliminates the tripping hazards that other options in the market may have.  Additionally, our covers will not slip out of the sleeves since our sleeve fully supports the cover on the sides and bottom of the cover.  Unlike other covers in the market, we offer a dedicated line slot in the cover with multiple ports for your electronics on the outside to eliminate or minimize your risk of them getting tangled together.    We offer the strongest and thickest cover in the market, having been tested up to supporting approximately 700+ pounds. The sleeve is manufactured in Maple Grove, MN and is made of high-density plastic.  The cover is made from Lexan.  The sleeve and the cover are produced using an injection molding process which eliminates the chance of there being any sharp edges that may cut or fray your fishing line. The Sleeve is 9″ tall and can be cut to preferred length. Available in Black or Glow.

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