Fish Hole Buddy Clips – Qty 4


Does your Wheelhouse have Fish Hole Buddy Floor Rings (T-Handle Covers)?  You will need these accessory clips for our sleeve to fit tightly in your floor rings.  NOTE: Recommended to use 1 Set (4 clips) per sleeve to optimize the fit.

If you are not sure if you have a Fish Hold Buddy or Catch Cover Floor Ring, the permanent Fish Hole Buddy floor Covers have a T-Handle and a Walleye on the Cover.  Catch Cover floor rings do not require the clips, and have a D-Handle and say Catch Cover on them.



Convert your sleeve to fit Fish Hole Buddy floor rings.  Our sleeves already fit Catch Cover floor rings.  Using these clips will allow you to use the same sleeve in Fish Hole Buddy Floor Rings, which are more commonly found in Ice Castles.

NOTE: Recommended to use 1 Set (4 clips) per sleeve


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