As the Ice Fishing Season comes to a close, we are already starting to prepare for the 2021-2022 Ice Fishing Season by setting our pricing that will become effective 4/1 across all sellers of our products.  Our pricing effective 4/1 on our website and at our retailers will be as follows:
Wheelhouse Model
  • Black with Clear Cover – $44.99 (Currently $39.99)
  • Glow with Clear Cover – $59.99 (Currently $54.99)
  • Fish Hole Buddy Accessory Clips – $3.99

Portable/Hub Model

  • Black with Clear or Smoke Cover – $29.99
  • Glow with Clear or Smoke Cover – $39.99 (If Available)
If you have been thinking about purchasing our product, now is the time to purchase these products if you are looking to save some money before the new pricing goes into effect.  We can’t thank our customers and retailers for all their support since we launched our portable model in 2019 and then our wheelhouse model in 2020.  We invented our products with the primary goal of increasing ice safety for children, but also to protect any valuables that make their way out onto the ice when you are ice fishing.
Over the next year we expect the cost of production (potentially up to a 35+% increase), shipping materials, and shipping in general to continue to increase on top of the increases we have already seen. There seems to be no slowing down of these costs increasing, as demand of materials increases, while products are shifting to being made in the USA when possible.  We are proud to say that our products have been manufactured in Maple Grove, MN since day one.  While we had expected to increase the price of our product over the next two seasons after our introductory pricing this season, costs have risen beyond expectations and we have decided to go with our planned pricing for the 2022-2023 ice fishing season for the 2021-2022 ice fishing season.  We felt it was important to initially enter the market for our wheelhouse model at pricing that was competitive with the two main other manufacturers in the wheelhouse sleeve market so that we could help gain market share for those price sensitive consumers.  These price increases are also to be reflective of the superior quality of our premium products.
Our portable model is the only one like it in the market and has seen increased popularity this ice season as more and more parents are introducing their children to ice fishing, and while portable/hub camping on the ice has also gained popularity.  Our black portable sleeve will be $29.99, and if we are able to offer the glow portable sleeve next season the price will be $39.99.
These price offerings will also help our retailers offer authorized sales pricing as we expand our offerings to additional wheelhouse dealerships and large retail chains throughout the regions that offer ice fishing.
We will continue to partner with Band of Brothers Outdoors by continuing to donate a portion of each sleeve and cover system to this great veteran’s organization, while also continuing to donate our products for events for other veteran’s organizations or other non-profits that are looking for help in raising funds for their organization through raffles and auctions.  We are also looking to find ways we can potentially partner with organizations that support our goal of getting young children and families into the sport while promoting safety on the ice.
The support and all the positive feedback from the ice fishing community this year has been overwhelming.  We would not be where we are today without you, and are hoping to continue expanding our product line within the next 3-5 years with some other ideas that we have in mind, including our recently released Sven’s Sack to store your wheelhouse covers.  Additionally, we will continue to support and sell other products in the market that we feel only enhance your experience with our products, including Ultimate Outdoors, The Bobber Buddy, and Measurette-N-Release Fishing Cradles.  We will also continue to refer you to other products in the market that we feel have enhanced our experience on the ice whether it be certain ice fishing tackle, accessories for your portable, or accessories for your wheelhouse.